Miles To Go Before I Sleep :)

Some of the things that are still left to be experiemented and tried by me and which I am soon gonna doooooooooooo ...The list will keep getting updated and longer day by day :D

  • Clearing UPSC Exam with top rank
  • Getting a tattoo
  • Learn to play guitar
  • Work with an NGO
  • Keeping Long Long (Really Long) Hair :D
  • Hour glass figure ;)
  • Earn lots and lots of money
  • Open an Orphanage,Gym and Restaurant
  • Learning to dance (Salsa to pe precise)
  • Drink Tequilla Shots
  • Go for a world tour
  • Visit Leh Ladakh
  • A Fun Trip to Goa Soon


Wishes r endless so prioritize them according to ur needs and then work upon it..Some of dem I too wish too. Let's c wen it comes true :)


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