Transient Love

I thought he was always mine,
A wonderous creation-A thing divine,
Whose love was holy and sinless,
He always cheered me and couldn't see me depressed,
His love was a blessing, a marvelous boon,
In his eyes I was as beautiful as a moon.

I thought he would never betray me,
He was not the one who would cheat me,
I was an inseparable part of his soul,
I had a conviction that his love was not foul,
He was dedicated and down to earth,
His love was a blend of understanding and mirth.

But...Oh ! My conviction was so wrong,
Why I ever trusted him?Why I felt so strong?
Why he betrayed me?Why he left me to cry?
How could I forget him?Oh...How could I try?
All his love was pretense, treachory and illusion,
Which gifted me tears, gloom and confusion.


The Beauty Of Fading Love

That was the most precious moment when we met,
The atmosphere seemed so intoxicating as if some
enchanting music was set,

My heart started beating wildly,
Each bird and each flower was jolly and lively,

When I looked into your eyes;
I was lost in paradise.

When you looked at me with your promising heart
That we'll never live without each other and we'll never part,

For a certain moment ,I thought your love was
enough for me to survive.
I wish I could have isolated those precious moments
And cherished them forever and forever till the end.

Although we knew that life would be a great risk ahead,
But our love was sufficient for us to tread.

We never imagined that we would ever be able to live
without each other,
But...we parted and our lives went on and on and
so was the weather.

Those were hard and struggling days when I had to
live without 'you',
But then I realised...Life goes on and on and doesn't
stop for 'me' or 'you'.


Love Is Love

She was young , dynamic and gregarious,

He was jovial , funny and hilarious,

She was a symbol of impeccable beauty,

He was not very popular or some cutie,

But she fell in love with him,

And he thought it must be his whim,

He always dreamed of her in his life,

And always wanted to make her his wife,

But he thought she was unattainable and

thought of forgetting,

Because in his life he never got what he was

capable of getting,

But just when he thought of giving up,

He was taken aback as she called him up,

They talked and talked and he got to know

that she already knows him well,

And he used to think that she does not even

know that he dwell,

But love is love and she also fell for for him,

Now he started believing his destiny and his whim,

His life was complete with her precious love,

And he realized that no matter what but Love is Love.


I Will Always Follow You Wherever You Are

Whether you are near or far,
I will always follow you wherever you are.

When there is darkness, I will bring light,
When you have given up, I will help you fight.

You donot have slightest indication, you have no clue,
But My precious child I am always around you.

Do not be daunted and fear to dream,
Think whatever you can in extreme.

I am always there around you,
No threats or fear can ever surround you.

You are my most beautiful child,
And your worthful life will never get spoilt.

When you think you have nowhere to go,
Just come to me, close your eyes and move slow.

Trust me my cherished child, I am your God, your Father,
Once you are with me, you don’t have to go any further.

Because whether you are near or far,
I will always follow you wherever you are.

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