Transient Love

I thought he was always mine,
A wonderous creation-A thing divine,
Whose love was holy and sinless,
He always cheered me and couldn't see me depressed,
His love was a blessing, a marvelous boon,
In his eyes I was as beautiful as a moon.

I thought he would never betray me,
He was not the one who would cheat me,
I was an inseparable part of his soul,
I had a conviction that his love was not foul,
He was dedicated and down to earth,
His love was a blend of understanding and mirth.

But...Oh ! My conviction was so wrong,
Why I ever trusted him?Why I felt so strong?
Why he betrayed me?Why he left me to cry?
How could I forget him?Oh...How could I try?
All his love was pretense, treachory and illusion,
Which gifted me tears, gloom and confusion.



they say, love is blind and
Love to faults is always blind,
Always is to joy inclin’d,
Lawless, wing’d, and unconfin’d,
And breaks all chains from every mind.

It hurts when what we did was love and what they do is mirth and treachery. But there are a few who get it right the first time.

Nice blog.

Blasphemous Aesthete


A realy touching portrayal of what it means to be hurt in love...
Expectations as it is are dangerous; and when blinded by sheer love, can be extremely detrimental.

Very well written. Loved it.


How could I forget him?Oh...How could I try?
HOW CUD I TRY??....this is the very delicate expression which only few cud understand....ppl will try to pacify u and suggest u to forget everything....and u node..but inside u knw that...u cant even try!!! more than that u dont even want t try!! i liked that u keep that delicate emotion alive in ur lines.
this poem is just expression....not any dose of positivity...liked that.


hey anjana....very well written post....!! good work i follow you!!


Have been following ur blog since long but had a halt in between due to some reasons...I too write some silly poems but never got someone who can review it. U seem to a poetess :) Lets review my poems n I'll review ur's :)


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