He Is The Love Of My Life...

His profound eyes are slowly stealing the sleep from my innocent eyes,
His luscious lips are slowly alluring me to feel his lips on my soft lips,
His strong arms are slowly beckoning me to support my tender arms,
His enchanting physique is slowly mesmerizing me to forget myself in him,
His charismatic personality is slowly making me awe-struck ,
His audacity is peculiar which is slowly tempting me to love him even more,
His sacred heart is like a temple of purity which is slowly making me believe
that he is a heavenly creation,
His real love for me is slowly urging me to realize how fortunate I am,
His very presence in my life is slowly giving essence to my life,
His dreams are slowly dominating my dreams as I feel like dreaming his dreams,
His integrity is slowly persuading me to worship him from the core of my heart,
His generosity is slowly inspiring me to live for the happiness of others,
His caring attitude is slowly tempting me to forget my grieves and pain,
He is the epitome of perfectness and the love of my life whom I will love till eternity.

"Are you an angel or a shining star?
You are so close to my heart yet why r u so far?"

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