"Love Your Life Because , It Always Gives U The BEST."


…Alone Again

Here I am alone again,
With eyes full of tears,
And heart full of pain again.

It seems like the more I desire rain,
The more I want to feel the rain,
The more it won’t rain again.

Here I am alone again,
With full of nervousness and solitude,
My heart is full of pain again

You gave me happiness, you gave me love,
You brought back that smile again,
But now you left me alone again.

Here I am alone again,
My heart is crying,
And my eyes are in pain again.

You promised to be with me forever,
But now you have betrayed me,
And left me insane again.

Here I am alone again,
Thinking more and more about you,
Is giving me more pain again.

You wanted to make my life better,
And make me feel really special,
But you have destroyed it more again.

Here I am alone again,
I am trying to control,
But this heart is full of pain again.

You gave me strength and courage,
And wanted that in my life,
There should never be pain again.

But! Here I am alone again,
With eyes full of tears,
And heart full of pain again.


Love Her For Her Heart , Not For Her Beauty

She is being gifted with the most elysian face,
Which can be considered as one of the marvals of the human race.

Her smile is like a contagious disease,
Just seeing her smile makes you feel at ease.

She is being gifted with a perfect chiselled body,
Which never fails to allure enormous attention from anybody.

Just a glimpse of her makes your heart beat,
Your heart starts pumping and feels an amalgam of bitter and sweet.

You feel like loving her and make her yours,
But in this aggregation of people, it won’t be easy for sure.

To attract her attention you have to be unique from the crowd,
But sometimes things wont’t work even if you are peerless and loud.

You ponder deeply…Is her beauty her only charm ?
Or her heart is also amorous and warm?

Is it just her outer appearance and grace?
Don’t you know appearences are deceptive and fade away in life’s race?

It’s now a battle between your heart and mind,
But if you don’t know her,you will never find.

Love her for what she is, not for her beauty or smile,
Because it’s her heart that matters, everything else is fabricated and futile.


In The Fond Memory Of Those Who Died Studying Maths (I Am Still Struggling ;) )

MATHS - The most complex subject ever discovered by humans …But ofcourse the most logical(and for sum idiots,the most easiest subject) …Atleast the answers are fixed and in most cases only one unlike other subjects like one of my personal favourite English…But I still love English and not Maths …Just wondering what’s wrong with me??

Maths oh! Maths,I wish u knew at this very moment how intensely I want to know U and love U infact more than ur lovers who sacrificed their life knowing u more and more(and more than any other love in my love)…The Epitome of Geniousness,Hail to thee Almighty Mathematics….Come in my life also and bless me with your Eternal Bliss.

(P.S. Sumbody or infact anybody gimme some tips How To Love Maths…Your suggestions and advices would be higly appreciated :D)


Your Memories Still Haunt Me…

Where’s the love you once had for me gone?
Now in your hectic life I am just another ‘sumone’

I still cry when I think about those moments I have spent with you,
Your Love was as precious to me as the morning dew.

Your memories are still haunting Me,
I am still in a bondage of your love and not free.

I am not sure if I want you back or something of that kind,
But those memories of you keep flashing back on my heart and mind.

I am trying so badly not to give up and be strong,
But its too difficult when everything’s going wrong.

This heart of mine is not ready to erase you,
Because I am still haunted by the memories of you.
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