In The Fond Memory Of Those Who Died Studying Maths (I Am Still Struggling ;) )

MATHS - The most complex subject ever discovered by humans …But ofcourse the most logical(and for sum idiots,the most easiest subject) …Atleast the answers are fixed and in most cases only one unlike other subjects like one of my personal favourite English…But I still love English and not Maths …Just wondering what’s wrong with me??

Maths oh! Maths,I wish u knew at this very moment how intensely I want to know U and love U infact more than ur lovers who sacrificed their life knowing u more and more(and more than any other love in my love)…The Epitome of Geniousness,Hail to thee Almighty Mathematics….Come in my life also and bless me with your Eternal Bliss.

(P.S. Sumbody or infact anybody gimme some tips How To Love Maths…Your suggestions and advices would be higly appreciated :D)



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