A Secret Untold…

He had a secret that he never told,

But it was residing deeply in his soul,

That dark ruthless night changed his life,

He killed someone’s daughter,someone’s wife.

How can pleasure turn so deadly?

He now remembers each moment so vividly,

It was just for fun that he drank that night,

But because of that an innocent lost her life’s fight.

How can pleasure turn so deadly?

How can he take away someone’s life so badly?

He still trembles when he thinks of that scary night,

It was raining heavily and all he could see was that eerie sight.

He was drunk heavily and out of his senses,

He hit that red car which he thought was out of his glances.

After hitting the car he got back his senses and fled from there,

He escaped getting caught which was his greatest fear.

But since that moment he could not sleep peacefully,

Whenever he remembers the face that was hurt awfully.

This was the secret that he never told,

But it was residing deeply in his soul.

His guilt was killing him gradually day by day,

His life ceased and lost its way,

He was so guilty of taking someone’s life,

…Someone’s daughter,someone’s wife.

[P.S. :People this post is dedicated to all the people who lost their lives and those who lost their loved ones because of others fault and carelessness.It is a request from all of you NOT to Drink and Drive because every life is indeed PRECIOUS!!]



Well written, highlighted the genuine noble cause by ur splendid art of weaving words in a catchy way..Good Post :)


@Amit and Vbh : Thanks so much!! :)


Beautiful, the stark reality, no matter how bravely we may conceal the brewing storm within us, we can not contain it for long, it either takes us, or breaks us. Though there are cold bloods out there, but this isn't for them.

Very nice read,

Blasphemous Aesthete


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