Love Is Love

She was young , dynamic and gregarious,

He was jovial , funny and hilarious,

She was a symbol of impeccable beauty,

He was not very popular or some cutie,

But she fell in love with him,

And he thought it must be his whim,

He always dreamed of her in his life,

And always wanted to make her his wife,

But he thought she was unattainable and

thought of forgetting,

Because in his life he never got what he was

capable of getting,

But just when he thought of giving up,

He was taken aback as she called him up,

They talked and talked and he got to know

that she already knows him well,

And he used to think that she does not even

know that he dwell,

But love is love and she also fell for for him,

Now he started believing his destiny and his whim,

His life was complete with her precious love,

And he realized that no matter what but Love is Love.



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