The ribbon of moonlight is the ray of my life.The darkness of night is the dawn of new life with new hopes,dreams and fresh thoughts.The twinkling of the stars reminded me of the bright days and those schmaltzy moments which were few but had an intimate relationship with my heart.Those wonderful moonlights when moon was spreading its silvery light on every creation of this world which were then silent and tranquil and not even shurgging of the wind was heard... pindrop and deadly silence prevailed. The twilight when the moon was saying goodbye to this world and the sun was getting ready to shower its golden rays reminded me that each new day was a beginning of new joys and also new miseries which were unpredictable but inevitable. Each day is the renaissance beauty, charm, magic.Each day is peculiar and also precious. Last night was a poignant night which evoked my sad thoughts as I was seeing that the person whom I loved more than myself is going away from me and I was hopeless as I could not made him stay, he wanted to go away from me forever...I was feeling like a wretchless creature and felt cheated but the bounties of Nature taught me that there were many creatures dwelling on this world aimlessly but they do not regret and grieve then why me? The more sorrows I face, the more tenacious I am becoming...Life is a wonderful teacher as from the very childhood we do not live even a day without learning something new. Life is too short for those who enjoy it to the fullest . Also, Life is so weird and strange. we meet people but how many of them really mean to us? How many of them are really so intimate that we never want to loose them?Pondering upon this thought , we become clueless. We get bewildered that there are really few people who have really touched our heart. These thoughts are so confusing yet so important but no one has the time nowadays to think about these thoughts.


Purest emotions in very smooth language..Another good one..


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