How can you forget those blissful days when we could not survive even a moment without each other and it was impossible for us to part?

How can you forget those serene nights when our lips were silent but the eyes conveyed the feelings of the heart?

How can you forget those passionate kisses and those heavenly touches which imparted a feeling of divine pleasure?

How can you forget those crazy things and those sacrifices we did for each other which made us realise that our love was a valuable treasure?

How can you forget my emotions and feelings for you which you know were always real , genuine and true?

How can you forget those promises made by you and the infinite trust I had on your love and you?

How can u forget my love which gave the meaning to your life and from which you derived your strength and ways?

How can you forget me who still loves you truly and can go beyond limits to make your night and days?


I forgot those days coz only u felt sorrow when v wld part!
I forgot those serene nites coz ur eyes never reached my heart!
I forgot the divine pleasure coz it felt no longer divine!
I forgot our love ws a treasure coz only I made true sacrifice!
I forgot ur emotions & feelings coz dey were real,genuine or true jus for U!
I forgot the promises coz u broke every promise u made!
I forgot ur luv coz it wasnt love for me!
I forgot U coz u cldnt even do things within limits to prove ur luv...


So deep pain and again a good write up...


whose NEO?? and I aint gonna view ur blog nomore...its pain n sorrow n pain n sorrow damn... wht if my eyes flood?


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