How can u be so perfect for me?
Sometimes I can't believe my destiny.

U care so much about my small trivial things,
Which nobody ever even bothered to think.

U are there to hold me wenever I need to cry,
And U kiss away those tears even when u don't try.

When I am with you,the time flies away,
But we both feel like as if just a second passed away.

Just hearing ur voice makes me feel so relaxed,
U make my life so easy that was earlier so complex.

Oh! U r so perfect for me,
Everytime I am with U I feel so free.

Yes...U r just perfect for me,
Because from the day u came into my life,
U made it beautiful and carefree.



Gud Work Anjana. It's really beautiful!!


hahhahaha...nice one...but like me u can't derail urself...ain't it??


Perfection is just a hallucination, the spell of which breaks soon! Liked your post though!


i know perfection is momentary!!


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