Love Her For Her Heart , Not For Her Beauty

She is being gifted with the most elysian face,
Which can be considered as one of the marvals of the human race.

Her smile is like a contagious disease,
Just seeing her smile makes you feel at ease.

She is being gifted with a perfect chiselled body,
Which never fails to allure enormous attention from anybody.

Just a glimpse of her makes your heart beat,
Your heart starts pumping and feels an amalgam of bitter and sweet.

You feel like loving her and make her yours,
But in this aggregation of people, it won’t be easy for sure.

To attract her attention you have to be unique from the crowd,
But sometimes things wont’t work even if you are peerless and loud.

You ponder deeply…Is her beauty her only charm ?
Or her heart is also amorous and warm?

Is it just her outer appearance and grace?
Don’t you know appearences are deceptive and fade away in life’s race?

It’s now a battle between your heart and mind,
But if you don’t know her,you will never find.

Love her for what she is, not for her beauty or smile,
Because it’s her heart that matters, everything else is fabricated and futile.



anjana truly speaking.. m so very impressed... good job buddy!! well expresssed emotions from an observer pnt of view... keep it up!

keep blogging!


anjana truly speaking.. m so very impressed... good job buddy!! well expresssed emotions from an observer pnt of view... keep it up!

keep blogging!


Again the master piece..Hope all guys should seek the eternal beauty not the physical appearance..


Yeah! Amit exactly thats the point of writin this poem..thnx!


hmmm... so beauty is skin deep indeed, yet there is no one who does not crave for it.

just as men look for beauty in women, women look for affluence in men. this is not done consciously but is the result of centuries of conditioning n evolution for survival(Beauty represents good health). If men are guilty of going after beauty then women r equally guilty of gettin attracted to a man for his money/power.

remember, it is beauty that strikes the sight and it is in the eyes where the first gleam of love originates. So don't undermine the power of beauty. It is beauty coupled with grace that inspires n motivates. it has inspired many a great artist. And it is the creation of the gr8st artist - God. To say something created by God is impertinent is to defy divinity.

Beauty has its place of importance too. don't compare it with abstract lofty ideas of existance n try 2 prove tht it is shallow, unworthy of acknowledgement n deserving of disdain!

Most people who say beauty is deceptive, hve themslves committed d crime of "falling in love" based on
appearances(n hve eventually crashed n burned!). So plz.. stop this pretentiousness.


@ mr.anonymous: hmm well firstly dis poem isnt a pretense n u interpreted dis poem in a wrong way...dis poem isnt written to prove dat external beauty is important or not but tht its da internal beauty that matters ultimately...u mite fall 4 a beautiful person but to survive the realtionship u need a person whoz equally beautiful frm inside...try readin it agn n feel wat m tryin 2 conclude!!


Very well written Anjana! Excellent choice of words to put the thoughts across, Beautiful! :)


@Arti: Thanks for appreciating !! :)


beauty lies in your post Anjana.. I love your blog template.. here is a heart expressing what does true beauty means

Someone is Special


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